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Artist on the Alameda: Lisanne Eng

of Makana Arts

As part of the School of Visual Philosophy's Safely Social San Jose campaign, we have paired 10 artists with 10 businesses to create window displays all month long!

We'd like to introduce one of our Visual Philosophy studio artists AND "Artists on the Alameda" Window Display Competitors: Lisanne Eng of Makana Arts @makanaarts. Although starting out on a completely separate career path, Lisanne made the tough decision to take a break from that venture to create art that reflects her fascination with shapes/forms, patterns, color, and textures both in nature and the world around us. She has found many ways to use her training and experience in engineering and product development to address challenges both in design and business.


What does Makana mean? “Makana” is the Hawaiian word for gift, and "it reinforces how grateful I am for all that goes into creating my work and how I want to share it with the world" says Lisanne. "Grow Your Gifts" is a constant reminder to cultivate what matters the most.

Lisanne currently works with a variety of materials including moss, wood, concrete and plant design to create uniquely designed home decor products that are handcrafted in Silicon Valley, California. Lisanne is a member of the studio as well as our Visual Philosophy Guild! She has work for sale on her own website as well as the Guild site.


Lisanne's display utitlizes the 3 dimensionality of plants and accentuates the hanging nature of the mosses just like being in a tropical grotto. It parallels the atmosphere of Green Design Plantscape, and is a MUST SEE especially if you have never set foot in their massive and immersive store.

So stop by Green Design Plantscape on Saturday, March 21, from 9-12pm for a safe plant sale and window viewing! Vote for your favorite display HERE!

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