Monthly Events

Recurring Monthly Events are hosted by

the School of Visual Philosophy

We have moved ONLINE for our monthly Second Saturday Events during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Click the image to see this month's featured artist and what they have in store for their social event!

Ladies Art Night

Every FIRST THURSDAY from 7-8pm we host a fun VIRTUAL craft night where women can  take a break while being creative. For $5, we get out the wine, conversation and art making and have a blast! Click the image to register.

painting workshop for Ladies Art Night
Critique Art Group

Every 2nd Tuesday evening from 7-9pm join our (NOW VIRTUAL) critique group and get an outside perspective on a work of art.  Sign up for a 20 minute time slot of focused group feedback. If you don't have work to show, you can register as a participant.

Strike Night

Every SECOND and FOURTH WEDNESDAY* from 6:00pm-8:30pm SVP will open the forges in the Hot Shop, crank up the music and strike some metal! If you have taken a class at SVP in forging, Click the image to register for our monthly event.

* county safety guidelines permitting 

Printmaking Lab

Every SECOND THURSDAY* the Print Shop opens from 3-7pm to current and former students in printmaking and artists comfortable in the area of the Shop they wish to work in. The Laser Cutter will also be available for booking. Click the image to register today.

* county safety guidelines permitting