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Teacher Profile: Suma CM

The Urban Sketcher

Introducing one of our instructors, urban sketcher and Bay Area artist Suma CM! @suma_cm is a plein air artist working in oil, watercolor and pen and ink. Suma has been teaching at SVP for a few months, including virtually since the Covid-19 pandemic has kept us from meeting in person regularly. Her classes are very thorough, engaging and approachable, and I for one look forward to each one she teaches!

Suma focuses her work on capturing the fleeting moments of traveling outdoors. Spontaneous, pensive and rich, her watercolors and oils give us just enough information to wrap our minds around what is being portrayed, yet leave much to our imagination- giving us the feeling rather than a photographic realism.

In her classes for the School, Suma knowledgeably provides technical concepts, experiential insights and lets us explore for ourselves the processes she describes. I can't wait for her next class and to see what new creation she will post!

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