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Artist on the Alameda: Kate Deak

As part of the School of Visual Philosophy's Safely Social San Jose campaign, we have paired 10 artists with 10 businesses to create window displays all month long!

We'd like to introduce one of our Visual Philosophy studio artists AND "Artists on the Alameda" Window Display Competitors: Kate Deak @katedeak. Originally from the Midwest, Kate Deak graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BFA in Visual Communication and an emphasis in illustration. She later earned her teaching credential at the University of San Diego. Currently, Kate lives and teaches art in San Jose, California and has been an educator for fourteen years. She shows her work regularly around the Bay Area and has received grants and residencies to advance her practice as an artist and art educator both nationally and internationally.


Kate uses various mono printing techniques, gouache, and collage. The mixed media layers are then combined with dry-point etchings referencing site specific graffiti, textiles, nature, architectural elements, and sculpture. Eventually each piece develops to express the fleeting beauty of the past, which we as humans both destroy and treasure. She has work for sale on her own website as well as the Guild site.


Kate's display outside the expansion of Cafe Rosalena uses these themes as well as a fun take on human interaction with a jumbo hand throwing a paper airplane. We love how whimsical the mural is, and it's extension beyond the walls! Kate used a combination of paint, stencil and drawing to complete the project.

So stop by Cafe Rosalena @caferosalena to get a world famous breakfast burrito and check out Kate's mural! Vote for your favorite display HERE.

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