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Do you want access to tools, a workspace or a supportive creative community, but don't need a private studio? Then memberships may be right for you! With 24/7 access to the facilities and 20% off classes, memberships give artists the freedom to create and work on their projects for below-market rates!

Memberships are offered in month to month terms with a discount if you sign up for a year in advance.




12 months



Our studios are vital to our community at Visual Philosophy. We have 30 studios at Visual Philosophy and the artists who lease studio spaces are chosen based on their commitment to creating art. We try to represent a large variety of disciplines, in order to keep excitement and dialogue flowing within the studio. We hope to foster a stimulating and comfortable atmosphere and encourage studio members to attend monthly potlucks to keep in contact with each other. 

Enjoy the same perks that a membership offers plus the opportunity to teach up to 3 students in your studio.

Sizes &prices

These prices are for one occupant. We allow up to 2 renters to share a studio with an additional $25 per person per month.

8’ x 12’  -  $397 / month

10’ x 12 ’ -  $505 / month

12’ x 12’  -  $582 / month

10’ x 18’  -  $690 / month


print shop

  • Presses for lithography, etching, monotype, woodcut, letterpress, and screen printing

  • Large tables, washout sink, exposure unit, drawers of type, and paper cutters

  • Computer lab with Adobe Suite, a laser cutter, a Cricut cutter, and 3D printers

Hot shop

  • Forges for blacksmithing, hydraulic press, anvils, metal band saw and chop saw as well as belt grinders

  • Welding (MIG, TIB, Oxy-acetylene, stick, and spot), large steel table

  • Kiln and throwing wheel

  • Metal casting in sand with aluminum or bronze, flasks, and Green Sand

Wood shop

  • Table saw band saw, compound miter saw, drill press, scroll saw, planer/joiner, router, shaper, belt sanders, and hand tools. 

  • Access to the facilities is limited during scheduled events, classes, etc.

Interested in a
studio or membership?

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