What is the guild?

The Visual Philosophy Guild is a collective group of practicing studio artists who work together to build their professional careers while elevating the status of artists in society. We use our strengths to advance our art practice, our businesses and engage with the community around us. We value art as a profession and seek to bring attention to the needs of artists specifically in Silicon Valley, California.


Check out our profiles below, each link to the artist's website, and scroll down to start collecting work through the Guild Gallery here.


If you are unsure where to begin, or want to determine what type of Collection to start with, take our Collector Quiz!

Who are we?

Unique Artwork from our Guild members


Visual Philosophy has built this guild to help build our artists' professional careers. We are committed to creating a culture of sustainability especially during these uncertain times. We all have ways of supporting each other, and by purchasing artwork from local artists, you are sustaining the culture of San Jose and beautifying your life at the same time!

*There are no returns or exchanges at this time, in order to ensure each artist receives their full support, Thanks!



The first tier of artwork in the Guild Gallery is the Everyday Art by Everyday Artists. We are artists who work every day! As part of our practice, we translate our experiments, discoveries and stories into artwork. These are pieces that can be a part of a series, but also one of a kind work that is part of a larger practice. Designed as an entry level into the world of collecting art, these pieces are listed at affordable prices. We aim to provide a way for our patrons to start collecting our Guild Artists' work without being overwhelmed by how to begin. Choose from a range of media priced up to $200. These pieces are relatively small and will suit a wide range of spaces.