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Artist on the Alameda: Dana Harris Seeger

As part of the School of Visual Philosophy's Safely Social San Jose campaign, we have paired 10 artists with 10 businesses to create window displays all month long!

We'd like to introduce one of our Visual Philosophy studio artists AND "Artists on the Alameda" Window Display Competitors: Dana Harris Seeger @danaharrisseeger. Creating connections between the past and the present, between different artistic mediums, and different learning styles is what Dana does. She believes art is a language that can be a lens through which we see the world. "It is a vital part of our lives, informs a lot of what we do subconsciously and should be taken more seriously as a viable career in our society. Through all of my years teaching at colleges and universities, and co-creating my own art studio and school I have gathered knowledge and experience that I bring to my classes and my artwork." Says Dana. KQED named her one of their original 10 "Women to Watch", and most recently she was awarded the Santa Clara County Artist Laureate because of her dedication to advancing the world of education and art in the Bay Area.


In Dana's words- "My work in printmaking helps me connect real to imagined memories and my life experiences to my heritage. Growing up as a second generation Baltic American, I have always tried to connect the artifacts I have acquired from Estonia and Latvia into my own story. Feeling drawn to a world that is in my blood, but not in my memory is what motivates me to create layered works in lithography, screen printing, collage and monotype. I am constantly trying to lift the veil between 2 worlds- however that manifests for me- as an identical twin, as the mother of twins, and as the granddaughter of displaced people."


Dana's display utilizes Bare Conductive technology to create an interactive viewer experience through touch, sound and light. With proximity sensing, a passer-by can get close to a sticker on the window and trigger a story about Dana's work, her partner Yori Seeger's artwork, or the School of Visual Philosophy's mission. This makes the experience of looking into a window all the more engaging and let's people become part of the story. Stay tuned for more of Dana's interactive installations when she creates a solo exhibition at the Triton Museum in Santa Clara Spring 2022! Watch the video to see how Dana created the display start to finish.

Stop by Visual Philosophy during the day or evening to see the installation in different incarnations with the Neon LED lights and hand painted window drawings. @visualphilosophystudio also has a storefront with local artisan goods for sale, so check it out Tuesday-Thursday 9-1pm and Saturday 9-1pm.

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