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Artist Profile: Giuliana Maresca

Giuliana Maresca creates work under the nom de guerre Tripetta Cartel. In her stunning photography, she "explores the territory between dreams and reality, searching for the hidden poetic character" in each of her subjects. She is a storyteller- inventing realities that show us the truth about what lies beneath the surface.

Her images have an otherworldly quality, both in subject matter and in the physical object. Whether printed on metallic paper or using a 4 color CMYK process, Maresca chooses her media wisely to lure the viewer into a visually stunning wonderland.


Using high grade vinyl and faux fur, Giuliana constructs bags and then screen prints her photographs on them using high quality vinyl inks. Anyone wanting to add a bit of playfulness, a bit of mystery and a bit of bad ass to their style, should check out her range of products on her website:


Giuliana is our currently featured artist in the Visual Philosophy Art Space. We will be hosting an opening for her once the "Shelter in Place" ban is lifted. Until then, please support her wonderful work by purchasing one of her products or commissioning a unique work via her website.


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