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Our community carries on...

Dana here, with a weekly update. SVP is incorporating live streaming into our class schedule starting with our artist Critique Group led by our own Johanne Marion! Johanne has been expertly helping artists from the community work through the sometimes strenuous process of creating art for almost a year at SVP. As a studio renter and artist herself, Johanne knows the value of getting feedback on works in process.

Especially now, during our Shelter in Place, we are working alone at home or in our studios and while it does feel good to continue being creative, the community we have come to rely on as a resource is no longer readily available. In person that is. We still have ways of connecting and communicating however, and art is one of the best means of communication. We can pour our emotions, fears, joys and discoveries into our artwork and share them virtually with our fellow artists and community.


We are starting to offer the Art Critique Group live streaming through Zoom, so participants can either join as artists and bring a work of art to share or as participants to provide valuable feedback to their fellows. We hope this will serve as a way to keep our community close during this time and still give our artists the quality education they have come to expect from SVP. Click the link below to check out the Eventbrite site and register for May's virtual Critque!

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