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What our students are saying

We hosted our first Hybrid Workshop last weekend with some students in person at our San Jose studio and on Zoom from where ever they happened to be. It was a small class, but a great class! I was able to project my workspace to both the virtual students as well as those in the classroom and all could see what was happening while keeping our distance.

One of our students, who is one of our "frequent flyers" because she has attended more classes than I can count (she also created the painting above during the class), wrote a little something about her experience in this class as well as attending workshops throughout the pandemic-

"Through the School of Visual Philosophy, I have discovered a new passion. Especially during the pandemic, being creative has brought me an escape and great joy. The School's variety of top-notch courses from bladesmithing to acrylic painting and mixed media offers something for everyone. Founders Dana and Yori Seeger are warm, knowledgeable and encouraging, and a pleasure to be around.

Both Zoom and in person classes are fun and provide a sense of community. I attended a recent hybrid class that I especially enjoyed, a large screen allowing the best of both worlds. Masks and social distancing helped keep everyone safe. I highly recommend the School of Visual Philosophy to help you discover the artist within you."

- Lorraine Gabbert

We truly appreciate these kinds words and the feeling is mutual! We love teaching and connecting with our community- helping to give them a creative outlet and meaningful sense of accomplishment.

So as you ponder how you can be of service during this crazy time in 2020, consider donating to our fundraiser (or to our Dialects of Art program specifically) so that we might continue to provide these high quality classes to our students near and far, and give everyone the opportunity to Become More.

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