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Kitchen Table Bouquet

Dana here to remind all of us that tomorrow is Mother's Day! Thinking about how I can show my mom how much I appreciate her, I almost forgot that I'm a mom too! Through this whole quarantine, it has been nice to spend so much time with my kids (and exasperating too!) and watch them as they grow and change right under my nose. As I was making our first Kitchen Table Session- the rolled Paper Flowers tutorial you can see below, Lyla my daughter came up and wanted to learn. So of course, I paused the video I was in the middle of filming and showed her how to roll some simple roses. She had the idea to put the pipe cleaner leaves on, which I thought was a nice touch. She continues to amaze me with her creativity. I really do get inspired sitting next to her and painting or making something that pops into her head.

So as you think about how to share some love with your mom tomorrow, remember it is super simple. She just wants to hear that you love her and that she is appreciated. And a bouquet of paper flowers wouldn't hurt either.

P.S. They won't wilt and don't require any water, you can even send them in the mail!


Check out the video and if you like it, venture on over to to see more "Kitchen Table Sessions" and free tips. Don't forget to Facetime, Zoom or call your mom tomorrow! We may not be together in person, but a little appreciation goes a long way!

Happy Mother's Day from Visual Philosophy!

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