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Dialect Lesson: the Color Yellow

For this month's Top 5 we chose to highlight a symbolic color in various cultures. As part of our effort to promote the Dialects of Art Program we are fundraising for on November 7, (5-6pm is the virtual event!) this Top 5 shows the different symbolic meanings for the color yellow. This color was brought to my attention by my friend and colleague Usha Srinivasan of Mosaic Silicon Valley and Sangam Arts, who told me Saffron yellow is a sacred color in India- as well as (fun fact) in the past, the fabric dye used to be created using urine from cows fed exclusively on yellow mango leaves! ⁠


Depending on where you live or where you are from in the world, symbols, colors and words can have vastly different meanings. It's important to recognize those differences to build understanding and trust between us- especially in this globalized world. It's so interesting how one color can sometimes have even the opposite meaning such as cowardice in the U.S. and courage in India. One of the many reasons why a deep understanding of different cultures is so relevant to artists working today (and of course, anyone who wants to interact with people in this day and age)


These only represent 5 countries, but of course, there are many more. Try to investigate on your own and come up with some more. Post them in the comments if you find some different ones!⁠

⁠If you want to contribute to our fundraising campaign for our Dialects of Art program to continue bringing our community understanding and education, text ARTSPEAKS to 44-321.⁠ And of course, register for the event HERE and buy art from our auction HERE.

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