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Artist in Residence Program

The Artist in Residence Program is a new addition to our aim of becoming more here at Visual Philosophy. We are inviting artists established in a particular medium- professionals in their field to try their hand at something new.


The residency is designed as a way to stretch the Master Artists hosting the resident by working with a talented artist unfamiliar with the Master's medium. This way the Master can develop their skills further engaging in new questions and ways of working when the resident says "what happens if..."

The residency is also designed to stretch the skills of the resident artist by encouraging them to work in a new medium- one that may or may not have ties to their current practice. That way they can learn alongside the master artist, broaden their tools and potentially add a new way of working to their established practice.

The resident artist is also required to exhibit their project at the end of the term to showcase the work to the public and share a bit about the experience, putting into words the struggles and discoveries, encouraging other artists to become more!


 SVP is excited to be hosting our first Artist in Residence this summer! Clark Gussin is our inaugural artist working with Dana Harris Seeger in the Print Shop on a series of 3 stone lithographs. Clark is a dedicated drawing and painting artist who has exhibited his work nationally and won numerous awards as well as been published in art magazines and books like "Strokes of Genius" issues 8 +10, and "Southwest Art Magazine". This is Clark's first foray into lithography printing, and with Dana's help he has been working on 3 stones in the Print Shop over the past 2 months. His residency will culminate in an exhibition in the Visual Philosophy Art Space (stay tuned for the dates) as well as a Q & A about the process of this new adventure!

Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence

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