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Virtual Team Building Workshops

Dana here to introduce a new way to get your team back together and do something fun, educational and creative. Visual Philosophy has always offered high quality corporate team building workshops. These ranged from Blacksmithing to Screen Printing and were geared toward helping teams collaborate in a creative and hands-on environment. We have hosted a LOT of teams from local based companies such as Zoom, Adobe, Apple, Google...

In the new age of Covid-19, we, as well as the companies we serve with these workshops are moving increasingly online. Having to reposition ourselves as valuable, engaging and educational, we are offering a couple team building workshops virtually! We are very excited to make these new ways of connecting teams available through our Visual Philosophy bookings page. Companies will be able to register teams up to 50, receive a kit for each team member to create a personalized creative project and do something fun and hands-on together.

These workshops can also be combined with our Safely Social San Jose Campaign for another dimension of education, getting information on how to re-open for business safely and courteously. The workshops are open to teams as small as 5 members. We are really hoping to start very locally, with our neighborhood businesses, and then reach a broader San Jose. Click the link below to check the options we have available right now, and check out the Youtube video to get a taste of what you could make, no experience required.

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