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Visual Philosophy Guild

The Visual Philosophy Guild is hosting its first exhibition! And we are using the opportunity to introduce ourselves. This show which opens on the Second Saturday of February (the 13) will showcase 9 of the Guild Artists: Kate Deak, Jemal Diamond, Lisanne Eng, Jeehyun Hoke, Jennifer Lay, Johanne Marion, Lisa Pelgrim, Dana Harris Seeger and Yori Seeger.

The pieces pictured above are Dana Harris Seeger "Winds of Change", Jeehyun Hoke "10 Symbols of Longevity" and Lisanne Eng "Grotto"

The show opening will be VIRTUAL, so please RSVP on the Event Page here, so you can hear the artists talk about their work, pieces in the show and ask questions about their process. We have been working very hard to put this exhibit together, and although it is virtual, all the physical work is up at the Visual Philosophy ArtSpace and available to be seen by appointment! Contact us if you'd like a tour, or peek through the windows on your way to get some great coffee at Crema (or baked goodies at Greenlee's!). We are at 1065 The Alameda, San Jose, California. You can also call us at 831-205-3406.


All of the artists have contact information so you can get to know them a little better on the official Guild Page, so check that out to learn more about us, and support us by purchasing work from the Guild Shop!

To whet your appetite, we have a little video tour of the ArtSpace on the Event Page, and

a clip of one of the artists, Dana Harris Seeger painting the window sign to advertise for the show. Enjoy!

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