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Discussing the Dialects in Depth

Is that too much alliteration? How about Dana Discusses the Dialects in Depth (with Yori)?

Lately Yori and I have been sitting down every Friday to have a "chat" of sorts in his studio in our two orange chairs. We have been discussing everything from our Safely Social San Jose campaign to the benefits of a holistic art education to last week when we chatted about our new program called the Dialects of Art. We previously rolled this idea out in another post called "Art as a Universal Language" that talked about how and why we value this topic, and I thought it would be nice to share our intimate discussion about it to you here! So sit back, grab a drink or a coffee (it will only take about 10 minutes, promise) and enjoy the show!

If you want to support this program, please go here to donate and also come to our Fundraising Event on November 7! Tickets are FREE and we have some awesome goodies you can win and swag kits for sale as well as other merchandise in order to support the School and in particular this program here!

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