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Community Curator: Eva Smith Glynn

Her Art Auction picks

Director of Marketing SVP Eva Smith Glynn

We asked our friend and colleague Eva Smith Glynn to choose a few of her favorite pieces from the Art Auction.

Eva is the Director of Marketing for the School of Visual Philosophy, as well as part of the Flash Fiction Forum. She is also a core member of the San Jose Arts Advocates. 

Take a look below and see her top 3 picks she'd like to take home!

"Untitled Drawing" by Jemal Diamond, 18x12", Watercolor and ink on paper, Buy it now: $200

Eva says

"Jemal Diamond’s work is full of feeling and whimsy. This untitled work reminds me of illustrated fairytale books from my childhood that I gazed at for hours. This work, to me, is an homage to that feeling of wonder. Jemal Diamond is a Studio Artist at SVP. He has been featured in Content Magazine Perform 11.3."

"Wiley Stiley" by Isaac S. Lewin, 74x3x124" Welded Steel Rod,

Eva says

"Isaac S. Lewin’s work reflects the best of San José’s modern saltiness. You’ll need the space for Wiley Styley, but considering it is made of steel, it can be placed ANYWHERE. I’ve seen an outside installation of his work in a neighbor’s front yard. Isaac is featured in the next issue of Content Magazine 13.1!"

"Rain on Blood Alley" by Clark Gussin, 14x17" framed plein air study for a watercolor painting, Buy it now: $775

Eva says

"Clark Gussin’s featured work feels like a novel set in California--The quiet, unseen places like a rural fence, an outcropping of rock on the coast, or a lonely gasoline pump off the highway. Among Clark Gussin’s many accomplishments, he is also an SVP artist in residence."

We hope you take a look at these and ALL the other auction items we have up on the site HERE! We have put an image of each piece "in place" so you can see virtually how it might look in your home BEFORE you bid. Let us know in the comments which ones you'd like to take home, or if there are some new artists you are interested in starting to collect!

And of course, don't forget to register for FREE (you won't be able to attend the event without the link, so registering is important). We are looking forward to a great event and to seeing you all there.

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