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Community Curator: Amanda Rawson

Her Art Auction picks

We asked our friend and arts advocate Amanda Rawson to be a voice from the community and share her top choices of pieces from the Art Benefit Auction.

Amanda Rawson has been working in the arts and cultural field for ten years. She is a board member of Local Color and the Chair of genARTS, a program of Silicon Valley Creates. Amanda currently works for the women owned public art firm Art Builds Community. She is also a core member of the San Jose Arts Advocates. 

Take a look below and see her top 3 picks she'd like to take home!

"Adversatio #19" by Stephanie Metz, wool and egg shell, 3.5 x 3.5 x 2", Buy it now: $375

Amanda says

"I have had the opportunity to engage with the fiber art created by Stephanie Metz in various ways. Once in person, as she shared her works with me at SJMQT and during her exhibit at the Santa Clara University’s de Saisset Museum, “Stephanie Metz: In Touch,” where visitors were encouraged to touch the sculptures. Here is an opportunity to not only get to touch a sculpture created by Metz but to own a one of a kind sculpture. This sculpture from ‘Adversatio’ embodies a world of opposites, fragility, and strength, all while seducing the viewer to gaze close enough to want to touch."

"Chamomiles in Blue Garden" by Pantea Karimi, Screen print and ink on paper, 22x28",

Amanda says

"I have followed Pantea Karimi's work for the past four years. Her works have embraced history, art, and science. Chamomiles in Blue Garden echoes Karimi's interests in these three areas. One can't help but notice the strength of the blue background that the chamomiles lay wildly on top of. The layers of the wild chamomile represented by the different colors- yellow, white and black, bring a sense of depth for the viewer. Chamomiles in Blue Garden evokes the wildflowers found along rolling hills on a beautiful day."

"Untitled Print" by Jaya Griscom, Fabric and monotype on paper, 22 x 30", Buy it now: $185

Amanda says

"This is my first experience with the work of artist Jaya Griscom. At first glance of this Untitled Print, my eyes immediately focused on the intricate detail of the centered textile that drops from the top of the paper down. Before reading the artwork's description, I could not help but believe this to be a woven textile laying on paper with prints in the background. My eyes did not trick me. This artwork is a monotype with fabric on paper. After having the opportunity to look closely at Untitled Print, I will absolutely by following the work and career of textile and mixed media artist Jaya Griscom!"

We hope you take a look at these and ALL the other auction items we have up on the site HERE! We have put an image of each piece "in place" so you can see virtually how it might look in your home BEFORE you bid. Let us know in the comments which ones you'd like to take home, or if there are some new artists you are interested in starting to collect!

And of course, don't forget to register for FREE or purchase a ticket with a Swag Kit for the final Auction Event on November 7, (you won't be able to attend the event without the link, so registering is important). We are looking forward to a great event and to seeing you all there.

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