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Top 5 New Year's Resolutions

Ahhh another year another resolution, but this year will be different! Instead of trying to come up with something specific that will never pan out (like not drinking so much wine?!? Like that's gonna happen) We opted to try a different approach. Let's focus more on the things that really matter- the things that are really changeable- the things that make a difference. So here are our Top 5 New Year's Resolutions:


#1: Take each day at a time

With so much uncertainty about the future, one thing is for sure- we are still here, and we will continue to keep offering our community the best possible art education and art services we can! With the help and support of our members, renters, students and family we'll keep on keepin' on!


#2: Get "out" of our comfort zone

Since we can't literally "get out" right now, we are striving to find new and creative ways to think outside the psychological box. To approach life, business and each problem as it arises, on its own terms, and try not to get stuck in patterns that don't serve us or our community.


#3: Share what we love

This one may be just a little too easy. We just can't help ourselves. Our organization was founded on the idea that art is a language that can be spoken visually and understood on a universal level. We believe that what we do and what we know and what we have experienced is worth sharing. So watch out, because we are not going to stop hosting classes, having lectures, inviting experts to talk about things we don't know about, asking our renter community to share their passions on social media and through exhibits and events, all in all, art is about communication and we WON'T ever stop communicating!


#4: Learn to speak another language (or at least another artistic dialect)

Because art is our language, it's what we know best and how we best communicate. But it isn't always the same for everyone. In order to hear other's voices and make room for those who speak in a different way, or using a different cultural dialect, we are ready to do the hard work and learn to speak differently. We hope that by surrounding ourselves with a diverse group of artists, individuals and organizations to partner with, we will grow in ways we never imagined!


#5: Spend more time on artwork

You know what I mean- stop making excuses for not being in the studio, not showing work, not taking the leap and being afraid to fail. This year, we will most definitely make mistakes, we may have to apologize, but if we don't get into the studio, roll up our sleeves and go for it, then all we can do is look up as others reach their full potential and become more of who they are already. Let's do this!

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