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Make it do or do without

Use it up wear it out make it do or do without. This isn't a saying we use anymore but maybe we should. One good thing of being at home is the syncing awareness of habits and goods taken for granted which has lead a realization of self inflicted procrastination associated with not having the right tool or material on hand. It was so easy to wait until tomorrow when I could have the perfect utensil. This awareness has allowed me to recognize the creature comforts in the studio and the fact that I don't need them to work. The will to get it done and make do with what is on hand is a practice I am looking forward to, and in the long run may lead to better habits. I recognize of course that we are all a little like Pavlov's dogs. It feels correct to work on sculpture in the studio with my favorite apron and tool in hand, and a little out of place and harder to concentrate outside this comfort zone. Combining some reality and some excuse I am also learning how to stay focused with three kids under five, a wife, dog and other responsibilities that the studio space conveniently separates away from the normal work day. Again, maybe we should be more aware of sayings like use it up wear it out make it do or do without. Yesterday I found myself wishing I had my favorite wooden sculpting tool for clay. Strange how long it took me to realize that within grasp I had the tools and materials to make my own. Of course this tool could be found and ordered on Amazon, and I could wait a few days for delivery. The point however, is that I don't need to, and now I don't have to wait/procrastinate the next couple days. In other words, use it up wear it out, make it do or do without.



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