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Happy Holidays

A look back, and a look forward

Being a creative business means being flexible, thinking creatively, finding "outside the box" solutions to life's most perplexing and difficult problems. Seems like every business this year has had to become creative in one way or another, and when we look back on 2020, what sets Visual Philosophy apart is our community. We want to say Thank You to all the people, businesses, organizations and even government agencies who have helped us get through this strange and surreal year.

We are so thankful to our studio renters for their flexibility in the face of job loss, event cancellations and pivots to new and exciting (albeit unfamiliar) platforms. Thank you for your support of our business as well as giving of your resources and time for the benefit of your fellow renter community. Thank you for giving up your Friday mornings so we could film classes that kept our School afloat.

And on that note, thank you to our students for understanding our continued uncertainty, the postponement or cancellation of classes, and the pivoting to digital content. We look forward to seeing your faces in the near future.

We also want to say thank you to our San Jose and Santa Cruz community for your support during our family's evacuation from our home due to the CZU Complex Fires.

Thank you to our City of San Jose and all the businesses who help behind the scenes as we continue to navigate the rebuilding of our local economy in new and creative ways. Thank you for recognizing us and our creators as individuals with vision, gumption and dedication to our community.

We are looking forward to 2021 and all the exciting possibilities it brings. Thank you to all for your continuing support and we are content now that because of you, we are still here!

Happy Holidays everyone, and stay tuned for many new updates, events, courses, and programs. Happy 2020!

- Dana and Yori Seeger

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