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Author: Shannon E. Clark


This book contains The History of The Alameda, The Walking Tour of The Alameda, The Hanchett Residence Park Walking History Tour, and Historical Vignettes.


Excerpt from the Introduction:

"The Alameda might appear to the casual observer as just another framgent of the famous El Camino Real. In truth, The Alameda, the 'road of a thousand wonders,' is conisdered the 'first true road' in California. This avenue was renowned for its promenade of overarching willows planted by Father Magin de Catala in 1799. The Alameda's history is replete with important firsts. California's first stagecoach line, the first music conservatory west of the Mississippi and the earliest cannery in Santa Clara County all had their origins on The Alameda. The Alameda lays claim to the landing of the world's first public exhibition of a manned high-air flight by virtue of John Montgomery's glider plane. California's earliest state fairs and cycling competitions occured on The Alameda. If it happned, it probably happened first on The Alameda!"


Published by The Alameda Business Association (ABA) and all proceeds go to the ABA. 

The Alameda - The Beautiful Way

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