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Authors: Shannon E. Clark & Allison M. Clark


Back cover:

"'For six months a small band of [San Jose's] sons, assisted and encouraged by hundreds of enthusiastic citizens, have achieved a triumph that will live long in the memory of all beholders.'


'People watched the parade 'bleary-eyed' after staying up all night preparing floats along with the rest of the community. They had a 'sense of invovlement with their community which is rare today.' '


'The Fiesta has gone but it has left a scent of beauty with those who saw it--a faint odor of loveliness, a remembrance of hospitality and gratefulness for having lived.'


Roses on Parade celebrates the people in the last century responsible for holding rose-themed parades, celebrations and fiestas here in Santa Clara County. This book intends to revive the tradition back to this generation of Santa Clara County residents."


Published by the Alameda Business Association (ABA) and all proceeds of this book go to the ABA.

Roses on Parade - A Santa Clara Valley Tradition

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