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Artist Profile: Lisa Pelgrim

Introducing Lisa Pelgrim, the next artist in our Open Studios Series.

Lisa has worn a lot of hats at Visual Philosophy over the years. She first walked through our doors as a figure sculpture student, then became an intern and exchanged studio time for helping out. As we grew, so did Lisa's involvement and when we moved to the Alameda, Lisa started renting a studio and then became a Board Member of the Non-Profit, School of Visual Philosophy.

Her work is influenced by Japanese and Hawaiian culture, having spent a great deal of her life in those places. She creates in both two and three dimensions, often combining materials and techniques. Currently she is working on a series of ceramic flowers, expressing the beauty and fragility of nature in these wall hangings. She has also worked in screen printing and digital painting, pausing techniques and picking them up again when inspiration arises.

Lisa is also a small business owner, running the Rocket Fizz Candy Store in Campbell, California where she puts her unique sculptural viewpoint on the displays in a fun and engaging way. All of these experiences inspire and influence her work, so be sure to virtually visit her studio August 15, 11-5pm.

While primarily self-taught, she has studied at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, Santa Clara University, Mission College, De Anza College, and UC Santa Cruz. 

Check out Lisa's website here and connect with her on instagram here. If you want to check out her schedule for Open Studios you can see that here


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