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Artist Profile: Jeehyun Hoke

The Visual Storyteller

Introducing one of our studio artists, Visual Philosophy Guild member and illustrator Jeehyun Hoke. @jee_hoke is a visual storyteller, illustrator, and a mom. She works across several media, currently exploring pencil and acrylic. Though her work is often described as cute (which I very much agree with!) she shared that her focus varies from childlike wonder, to dreamy, to the heavier concerns of adulthood.⠀

Jee was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. Always an art lover and doer, she ended up studying Economics and Politics at college in Korea. Getting close to the end of college, she realized where her passion truly laid. After moving to America, she studied Visual Communication at the University of Kansas and started to work as a freelance designer in Chaple Hill, NC.

Jee has been working as a freelance illustrator/graphic designer since 2010. Her spectrum of work is broad across books, editorials, movies, online games, prints, logos, packaging and websites. She loves the process of working with clients and creating interesting images. Her passion stays focused on her satisfaction, clients’ satisfaction and clients’ success. She is always looking for her next inspiration or freelance project, so visit her website here to get in touch!

Currently she resides in Santa Clara with her loving husband and two superhero kids. She is a great asset to us at Visual Philosophy, with her cheerful spirit, dedicated work ethic and curiosity to continue to create a living doing what she loves.

Watch a short tour of Jee's studio at Visual Philosophy and get a sneak peak at where the magic happens.

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